Advanced Astrology for Beginners Course June/July 2023

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“God geometrises

– Alice Bailey

So, you like astrology and you know a few odd bits about it, but you haven’t gotten hands on with it yet. You’re aware that astrologers study the movements and cycles of the planets, and it seems fascinating, but the calculations involved seem formidably complex to you and you’re not quite sure what to do with an ephemeris. You like the idea of knowing more about astrology, and even learning how to apply it like a boss, but you’re not quite sure where to start or how to get beyond first gear.

If this sounds like you, then clearly you need Advanced Astrology for Beginners. The most direct route to the most useful and consistently reliable astrology under the sun!

There are countless rabbit holes you could get lost in and distracted by if you embark on the study of astrology. Not everything that passes for astrology is equally credible. There are several techniques and methods about which astrologers are not in universal agreement, and many a poor hapless beginner finds themselves bewildered by such things as the different house systems and zodiacs, and what not.

Advanced Astrology for Beginners is for the most part a purely geometric approach to astrology. We’ll use the zodiac as little more than a convenient way to measure simple, beautiful geometric angles. Triangles, squares and hexagons for the most part. Nothing too complicated, and yet, using just a handful of special geometric angles and patterns, you will soon hold in your hands some of the most effective keys to identifying major character traits in a birth chart.

But the crowning jewel and pièce de résistance of this Advanced Astrology for Beginners course is learning to read an ephemeris and calculating your own transits. No matter how long you study astrology for, and no matter how skillful and erudite you become, this will remain the most useful astrological skill you ever learned.

As you progress in your study of the cycles and rhythms of the cosmic clock which is the solar system, and the kaleidoscopic interplay between this macrocosm and your own personal geometric fingerprint, you will soon realize that what you are witnessing is a grand celestial symphony that sweeps us all into a great cosmic dance.

You will be redeemed from the ranks of the believers and ushered into the company of the knowers. Henceforth your life will no longer be a bewildering movie in a foreign language, because now you can read the subtitles!

If you feel inspired to embark on this adventure, join us! No fluff and no nonsense; just pure, profound Advanced Astrology for Beginners.

Course Structure and Schedule

  • There will be six consecutive weekly lessons starting Sunday the 25th of June. Each lesson will begin at 16:00 London Time (BST). That’s 25 June, 2 July, 9 July, 16 July, 23 July & 30 July.
  • The lessons are on Zoom and each will take approximately two hours.
  • During the first few lessons we’ll be focusing on essential basics; the symbolism and attributes associated with the planets, the structure of the zodiac and its main groupings, and the nature and uses of Aspects (specific geometric angles that bring about an interaction or resonance between planets).
  • During the second half of the course we’ll look at how you put it all together in practical birth chart interpretation and in the study of Transits (astrological life cycles). This will include analysis of many famous people’s charts along with examples from the group. We will also be delving into what the geometric angles between two people’s charts reveals about their relating dynamics, and also how these relating patterns are triggered by transit cycles.
  • The lessons will be recorded in case you miss one, and also for your future reference and revision. You will have access to personal assistance via email between lessons if you’re stuck with something and need some extra help.

Course Textbook and other Essential Resources

  • There is one highly recommended textbook you should acquire to get the most out of this course: Planets in Transit by Robert Hand. The more you use it, the more it will amaze you. You won’t outgrow it for decades.
  • Other useful resources will be provided to all participants, including planetary tables (ephemerides) and a 200 page pdf textbook by Richard Fidler.


  • There is no set fee! I will accept any donation. I ask only that if you register to attend the course you come with sincerity and a willingness to make an effort. Although any donation will be accepted, great or small, some contribution needs to be made.
  • You can use the PayPal link below or send your donation via PayPal to If you would like to use another means to make your donation please get in touch.

To register for the course contact Richard Fidler at or through the contact form below:

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