First Steps into Jyotish Course 2023

12 Lessons:

Every Sunday from 24 September to 10 December 2023

@ 4:00PM London Time

If you have studied some Western astrology, you have a huge chunk of the essential alphabet of Jyotish at your fingertips already. Just a little tweaking of certain calculation settings, a bit of embellishment on the meanings we assign to Planets, Signs and Houses, and a few new technical words, and you’re all set to start making the magic of Jyotish come alive in the charts under your gaze. To be sure, it is merely a beginning, but this twelve week course will enable you to lay a solid foundation from which to explore the rich and sophisticated world of Indian astrology.

There’s no doubt that Western and Vedic astrology are coming closer together. There is a growing exchange and discourse between exponents of both approaches which, I believe, will eventually result in the development of a more complete and refined form of astrology in the future than we have now. More and more astrologers are recognizing the value of becoming ‘bilingual’.

This course is designed to give students and practitioners of Western astrology the essential knowledge and tools to take their First Steps into Jyotish, keeping it as simple and practical as possible.

Some of the topics covered in this course:

  • The Tropical and Sidereal Zodiacs, Houses Systems in Jyotish, converting a Western chart to the Jyotish format.
  • The attributes of the planets and important correspondences, including Ayurvedic doshas, psychological correspondences, deities, gemstones, etc.
  • Planetary strength and weakness in specific signs and houses.
  • The most important house groupings: The four aims of life and the four house triplicities, Dussthana or difficult houses, Upachaya or growing houses, Maraka houses.
  • Analyzing the condition of a House: planets occupying, ruling and aspecting houses.
  • Bhava Karakas: Planets as House Significators.
  • The Yogas of Jyotish: special planetary combinations.
  • The Nakshatras: 27 Lunar Constellations
  • Prediction and Timing Techniques: Vimshottari Dasha and Gochara (Transits), the ‘Great Years of the Planets’.
  • Synastry methods in Jyotish.

Recommended Textbooks:

If this sounds like it’s meant for you, please join us!

  • All sessions will be 2 hours in duration on Zoom.
  • You will receive copies of the recordings to review between lessons and for your future reference.
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